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The Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists

Featured Books

The Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists is proud to feature the following informative books written by its members.

The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing

Bestselling book by author Dr. R. Dandridge Collins

Survivors of traumatic events often feel trapped — unable to carry on with normal life because their emotional pain keeps them loocked in the past. In the Trauma Zone, minister psychologist R. Dandridge Collins writes as one survivor to another and provides scriptural wisdom to help us get "unstuck" and move towards healing.

The Trauma Zone is where trauma survivors get stuck: they find they can't move past the event, or they can't cope with overwhelming emotions, or they experience flashbacks. Dr. Collins teaches readers how to turn off the "Trauma DJ" the voice in their heads that keeps them locked in the past, and move forward into freedom from emotional pain.

Order The Trauma Zone online at

The Trauma Zone

Healthy Choices for Fertility Control: Your Guide to Better Birth Control, Conscientious Contraception, and Sensible Sexuality

Informative book by author Dr. M. T. Williams, Ph.D.

This book contains all the facts that your sex ed teacher didn't know and doctor won't tell you. Learn about responsible decision-making in regards to sexual choices and information for couples should they become pregnant. This book has been endorsed by a distinguished panel of expert consultants.

Did you know...?

  • Spermicide can INCREASE your risk of contracting HIV
  • The contraceptive sponge is USELESS for women who have had children
  • The Depo-Provera birth control shot causes a LOSS OF BONE density in teens
  • Birth control pills can cause a PERMANENT LOSS OF SEX DRIVE in women
  • Oral contraceptives increase your risk of BREAST CANCER
  • The average woman will have TWO UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES in her lifetime
  • Nursing moms on birth control pills are FEEDING THEIR BABIES STERIODS
  • Condoms DO NOT provide good protection against HPV, the leading cause of cervical cancer
  • There are THREE new methods of natural birth control that the pharmaceutical industry does NOT want you to know about
  • Female sterilization causes a FIVE-FOLD increase in the need for a hysterectomy

Order Healthy Choices for Fertility Control from

Healthy Choices Birth Control